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Welcome To The Info Master


"Learn The Most Profitable Way To Create, Package and Sell Digital Products Online For Big Profits and Shortcut the Learning Curve"



I know why you are here, on this page, reading this?

I know your here because there’s something missing in your life.

What’s missing? I don't know exactly but it could be more money, more freedom, more fun, more enjoyment in what you do.

I also know you’re probably in a grind – a daily grind. Do you know why they call it that?

Because the routine; the getting up in the morning, going to work, coming home exhausted and doing it all over again the next day and the day after that is grinding away at your spirit, your hope and your life until there’s nothing left. Like a meat grinder, pulverizing you in nothingness.

Don’t get me wrong – society needs worker bees, the one’s that think about nothing more than getting a paycheck week after week.

Without worker bees this entire world would shut down, so we need people who go to work each day to get a pay check and think of nothing higher.

Everyone is different and, no one is insignificant… but not everyone is happy being a worker bee. Are you? I wasn’t and I had a job I liked.

Let me ask you this:

Did you ever think you were different than those around you? Even special in some way?

I read several years ago an interesting report about successful entrepreneurs. It stated that out of 259 unique personality characteristics the most important one for success, as an entrepreneur had nothing to do with education, previous business experience, background, an outgoing personality or connections or anything you typically would think of…

There was only one characteristic that that stood out among hundreds that determined how successful you would be as an entrepreneur.

What was that one characteristic?

It was that they felt SPECIAL in some way.

Have you ever felt that way? I have.

Even if you haven’t felt that way guess what? You can cultivate that habit of feeling special and it still works!

There were many successful entrepreneurs that never felt that way as a child but they simply made the decision that they were special and unique and they cultivated the habit of feeling special. Guess what?

It worked!

They started businesses and became very successful just because they felt there was something special about them.

I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE SPECIAL!

It’s the ONE characteristic that can help you become rich. So start thinking about it a lot!

Every morning get up and say to yourself,

“I’m special. I bring something unique to this world and I’m going to share it!”

The researchers concluded that feeling that you're special allows your mind to believe that any setback or obstacles you're facing as you work toward your goals are temporary in nature and that you'll eventually overcome them. That gives you an extraordinary persistence that many people don't have. And persistence, despite failures along the way, is the highest skill an entrepreneur could ever posses because nothing will stop you.

Now you just need the tools to let yourself shine to make a fortune!

How? Where do you start?

First you need to be in a market that is HOT. I mean BURNING HOT.

Imagine getting into the horse carriage business at the turn of the 20th century. Uh... can anyone say "FAILURE"?

Getting into a market that is declining is the way to failure. We all know what happened to the "horse and buggy" market after automobiles were introduced.

Ok, so you need to be in a market that is HOT. I mean BURNING HOT, SCORCHING.

I know a market like that and I'm going to tell you about it right now.

In fact, this market is so hot that Google says it's its #1 priority to root out those websites that do not comply with the demands of this market.

The best part about this market is that anyone can participate in it - from small boutique firms to large multi-nationals as well as individuals.

You can start small, build up and pyramid profits quickly and expand rapidly.

Everyone that has a website online needs AND wants this and there is not a single person or business that owns a website that does not need or want this.

Now this is important and it's the key that will make you successful in this market:

Entry into this market is perceived by most people to be difficult and expensive and there is very little or no information about how to be successful in it.

The truth is, it is neither difficult nor expensive and it's incredibly easy to be successful in it.

I came to Internet Marketing after watching my father quietly doing his thing on the Internet for the past six years. At first I was quite sceptical but I have watched in amazement a he makes money by working just a few hours a day. I had spent most of my working life as a Sign craftsman and graphic artist something I love, but of late I have been trying to make it as a portrait artist and to be honest I need a lot more commissions than I am getting, so I thought I’d try my hand at what dear old dad does.

I decided to ask him to teach me what he does. At first he said no, do you believe that! He said he was no Guru and I probably need someone who knew more than he.

I almost had to squeeze this information out of him.  I just didn’t know what he was doing. Well I do now, and I’ve talked him into letting me share it with you.

The best part is, Dad tells me the opportunity is even better now than when he got started. More people know they need and they want it but find it difficult to do it themselves so they are always looking for someone who can provide it. The market is bigger and the profits better now than ever.

I truly believe it’s something anyone can do (and I really do mean anyone and everyone) and I’m going to show you how you can do it too.

Along with dads help I'll even show you how you can make money in this market without a list, advertising, JV’s, connections or much money!
Yeah right! How many times have you heard that before? Seriously it can be done, but it will not happen while you are sleeping, you have to put in.

There is no other market like this anywhere in the world where you could see large paydays without experience or pre-requisites of any kind except the willingness to learn and apply what you've learned.

I had to learn the hard way, all dad would do was tell me what I needed to know and then I had to find out. That’s how he teaches, and then he would sit me down and show me where I went wrong and how I should be doing it. That made it much easier than thinking I could learn it over night. In real terms it cut my learning curve in half at least. I just had to adjust my mindset.

Now back to what is at hand. What is this market?
I'm happy to tell you what it is.


The market for original content information products is huge it’s in the billions of dollars each year. Those that know about it keep it to themselves.

Most people think of "content" as posts for websites, but it's much larger than that. It includes articles, audio, video, white papers, reports, training, websites, books, live broadcasts, training courses and events and more. Does that surprise you? It did me, a raw rookie. I had no idea. Then dad showed me through some of his 40 or 50 odd websites he has and it was then the Ha Ha, moment came. 

The need for this is gigantic. And every single website owner wants it because, if you remember, I said, "Google says its #1 priority to root out those websites that do not comply with the demands of this market"?

And the market DEMANDS original content. Google hates duplicate content and are taking steps to eliminate from their search engine duplicate content sites like those that do rss auto blogging and those that do not update frequently enough with original content ... and this is just the beginning.

What's interesting is that they only seem to care that the content on websites is original. They don't care what your website looks like or how many visitors it gets but only how engaging your content is to your readers. And guess what? They can even tell if the audio and video on your website is unique! They can scan audio and video to determine "uniqueness".

That's what makes this market - original content information products - huge and most importantly GROWING and extremely PROFITABLE.

If you are in debt and/or you could use a big chunk of cash to help pay it off or you’re interested in an underground stealth moneymaking system that makes big money on demand then listen closely.

Not only am I going to share with you my easy-as-pie methods for sourcing/creating/editing original content but also I’m going to share my secrets to selling original content information products with ease for big money.

You don’t have to believe a word I say. In fact I have seen so many obviously false claims online that I would not blame you and after all until recently I was a rookie, luckily for us both dad isn’t.

But everything I’ve said is true – even the bit about wanting to be a portrait artist. See my gallery HERE

And dad is going to let me share with you exactly how it’s done...

Following The Info Master program is going to let me follow my dream and live comfortably even If the world never knows me as an artist. If you haven’t any dreams then you’re in the wrong place and it’s ok to leave now.

But if you stay with me (and dad) I’m going to help you discover exactly what this system is, how you can use it too, starting soon to finally make some decent money. Of course with the law as it is just now I can’t discuss the type of money you can earn. Can it be a lot? Perhaps, depends on how much you want to work and apply yourself. Without effort nothing is achieved.

You’re probably wondering at this point,

         “So what's this The Info Master System and what are the components?”

Let’s talk about them:

First, You must have your own product, or a product you control 100% (that means either you created it or you had it created for you as a ‘work for hire’)

Having your own product gives you incredible flexibility, control and opportunities.

Having your own product is like building a house and owning it free and clear.

It’s like starting a company and having instant, tradeable equity.

It’s like owning the only safe boat launching pad after a sunken treasure ship just off the coast has been discovered.

It’s like having a patent on a new invention.

This is key: You do not have to create the product yourself… you can… but you don’t have to. It depends on how much involvement you want to have. There are so many ways to source products or create them easily and I’ll show them all to you.

Use a proven system

Nothing, I repeat nothing is easier, better, and more profitable, than having your own product and using a proven system to sell it. Having a system in place creates opportunities, eliminates uncertainty, fear and expensive mistakes.

Create for you occasional large paydays

In one week (about 30 hours of ‘work’) I created a product that put a nice amount   in my bank account over the next 6 months. Not enough to quit my day job but I'm just getting started why not join me?
I’ve also had a lot of smaller winners and not all of them were in the Internet marketing space- some were in other markets.

Am I smarter than other people? No.

Am I a better marketer than other people? No.

Do I have a system no one else uses? Yes I think so.

And that makes all the difference. I’m not smarter, I’m not better at marketing, and I was a total “unknown” until recently but I am able to generate cash on demand.

There are 3 things about my system that made a huge difference in my income that I’ve never revealed before that no one else is doing:

Number 1:

I create my own products really fast. When an idea strikes, I move fast. There are hard ways to create your own products and there are easy ways. I like easy. And I like fast. I’m going to share my fast, easy ways with you.

Number 2:
I have a unique way of selling my products that almost GUARANTEES I’ll make big money with them. I never know exactly how much money I’ll make of course, but every time I create one I KNOW it’s going to make me some money – and soon get me into a position where I create a Big Payday for myself.

There’s no guessing, no worries and no fear. I have no doubts they will make money.

Number 3:
I have BUYERS, ready whenever I come out with something new. I have a relatively small list of high quality buyers who buy whenever I come out with a new product. You can too. I'll show you how.

I will take you by the hand, teach you my marketing and information creation system (the easy and fast way, not the hard and labour-intensive way) and how to create your own Big Payday as well as all the tools and resources you need!

I will give you every detail of this system – nuts to bolts, A to Z, what makes it work, what to watch out for and how to generate the maximum money from each and every product. Where to get ideas… how to implement, time management, outsourcing, and how you can scale this system to make as much money as you desire.

This TheInfoMaster training program is uploaded to a password protected area that you can access 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week at your convenience and you'll have LIFETIME access. So take it on your time schedule and when you need a refresher, it's there for you.

TheInfoMaster course outline:

  • Module 1: Why Original Content Information Products? The Why, When, What and How
  • Module 2: Creation, Market Selection and Positioning:
  • Pre-Terms and Market Selection Simple and Fast
  • Module 3: Packaging, Presentation and Fulfilment: My Super-EZ System For Creating Info products That People Love
  • Module 4: The Selling Process In 3 Easy Steps + The Publisher Model, Expert Model and Hybrid Model


  • Module 5: Advanced Profit Strategies, The Profit Ladder and The Big Payday System.

These methods are based on real-world experience in the information products business. No one else dares give you the amount of inside information. The only other way to get this level of information is to get it by trial and error... and wait years. Learn from the experience of others and profit now! Doesn't that make more sense?

This is a course you will benefit from your entire life. It's like having a key to the worlds market and the demand is insatiable.

The ball is in your court? What do you say? You want to play or sit on the bench?

Join me and finally start winning the money game by controlling the flow and distribution of original content information products.

It's a great business, in fact, in my opinion; it's the best business in the world!

Since this is a membership based product it is important that you fill in your details before you purchase. This assures you of the service you deserve.

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